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Hosting Solutions Hosting Solutions Affordable standard and custom Web hosting solutions on a range of platforms. Options include Linux/Unix, Microsoft, MySQL, FrontPage,, Send Mail, Exchange, DNS, collocation, and more. Please contact us or read more about Netrique's hosting solutions. Read more
Professional Services
Professional Services Evaluation, consulting, and implementation in all aspects of information technology.
  • Linix/Unix
  • Microsoft, MySQL,FrontPage
  • Send Mail, Exchange
  • DNS, collocation
  • and more..
Service & Support Programs
Our customers reap great benefits from well rounded proactive support programs.Read details
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05.12.05 - Spam Blocking Solutions
Don't let SPAM take control of your business. Our comprehensive Anti-Spam solution catches over 95% of internet Spam while maintaining and accuracy to within 1% of false positives.
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